acsmbHomeSlide6The Monterey Bay Chapter of the American Cetacean Society normally meets at 7:30 pm on the last Thursday of the month at Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, California (across from the American Tin Cannery Outlet Stores). Meeting date is changed when the last Thursday conflicts with a holiday.

These meetings are free and open to the public. ACS meetings and activities feature cetacean and various aspects of the marine environment.

2018 Meetings
Date Topic Speaker
January 2018 Shark! An educational and informational presentation Chris Hartzell




How Plastic in the Ocean is Killing Whales


Exploring Our Greatest Frontier

The Biomechanics of Breaching and Filter-Feeding: Using New Tools to Answer Old Questions

Leatherback Turtles in the CA Current: Why Leatherbacks Cross the Pacific

Sushi and Satellites: Tracking Marine Wildlife in our Blue Serengeti

Blue Mind

The role of Krill in the Food Web

The (Not So) Secret Lives of Humpback Whales


Dr. Patrick Robinson

Erica Cirino


Kip Evans

Megan Jensen

Scott Benson

Dr. Barbara Block

Wallace J Nichols

Dr. Baldo Marinovic

Jodi Frediani


Chris Hartzell, wildlife photographer

The California Coastal National Monument

Edward F. Ricketts and Jack Calvin: Between Pacific Tides

Elephant Seals and Their Deep Ocean Habitat

Insights into cetacean feeding behavior

Mauricio Alvarez

Giancarlo Thomae

The harbor seals of Hopkins Marine Station

Happywhale — Getting to Know our Whales

What Killer Whales Can Teach Us


Chris Hartzell

Bill Stanley

Donald Kohrs

Sarah Peterson, Ph.D.

David Cade

Mauricio Alvarez

Giancarlo Thomae

Kim and Thom Akeman

Ted Cheeseman

David Neiwert


North Pacific gray whales – the eastern/western paradox

How citizen scientists contribute to conservation of marine mammals

Marine life of high latitudes


ACSMB Annual Barbecue

Leatherback turtles in the California Current

Pushing the limit: Diving physiology and energetics of marine mammals

Gray Whale Census and Behavior Project

Scientific Whaling

Reducing bycatch of cetaceans in one of the nation’s dirtiest fisheries

The great white fear: how 500 shark species have been reduced to one


Dr. Jim Sumich

Dr. Lei Lani Stelle

Greg McCormack, Monterey Bay Whale Watch

Paul Clerkin

at George Washington Park

Scott Benson

Dr. Birgitte McDonald

Alisa Schulman-Janiger

Dr. Marc Mangel

Dr. Geoff Shester, Oceana

Victoria Vásquez, graduate student


Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish)

White Shark Video

Humpback Whales and bubble netting

The 2013 Year of Abundance in Monterey Bay…

ACS Annual BBQ – Cancelled

Where’s Whaldo? Modeling cetacean distributions…

The Extreme Life of the Sea

Mammals: flukes are no fluke…

The Natural History of Cephalopods

Solving California’s Water Crisis: What Role Will the Ocean Play?

The Outstanding Science and Conservation of Marine Mammals


Dr. Tierney Thys, National Geographic Explorer

Skyler Thomas, videographer

Dr. Fred Sharpe, Alaska Whale Foundation

Jodi Frediani

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Dr. Karin Forney

Dr. Stephen Palumbi

Milos Radakovich

Dr. Steve Webster

Dr. Carol Reeb

Dr. Jim Harvey, Moss Landing Marine Lab


After “The Cove”

Are whales and dolphins especially sensitive to human disturbances?

Porpoises and dolphins return to San Francisco Bay

Polar bears in a changing world

The ACS, Monterey Bay Chapter Annual BBQ honoring Katy Castagna

Dancing on the belly of the shark: Whale tales from Monterey Bay

Hippo and Whale Evolution

Beautiful Whale…

Diving with Beluga Whales

Humboldt Squid

Do all humpback whales migrate?


Cynthia Fernandez, O’Barry’s Dolphin Project

Terrie Williams, UCSC Marine Mammal Program

Founders of Golden Gate Cetacean Research

Bob Wilson

Contact: Sally Eastham or Jerry Loomis

Tim Thomas

Doug Cheeseman

Bryant Austin

Art Haseltine and Virginia Bria

William F. Gilly, Hopkins Marine Station

Casey T. Clark

For meeting information before 2013, refer to our Newsletter Archive.