acsmbHomeSlide4One of the benefits of membership in the Monterey Bay Chapter of the American Cetacean Society is the subscription to Soundings, the newsletter of our chapter. This newsletter contains articles about various topics related to marine mammals, both in the Monterey Bay region and world-wide. Non-members can also subscribe to Soundings.

Newsletters posted in Adobe PDF format.


The June 2000 issue of Soundings included a special twentieth anniversary supplement, with articles about the activities and history of our chapter. Read the entire special anniversary edition.

The figure below is adapted from the cover of the special anniversary issue. Can you identify these cetaceans (all found in Monterey Bay)? Click the image to see their names…


Contents of the Online version of the Special Anniversary Soundings: 

  • About this special issue… by Esta Lee Albright
  • The Whale Year by Richard Ternullo
  • Blue Whales for the First Time by Barbara Oliver
  • Blue Whales in Central California: The Impacts of Whaling, Followed by Protection and Subsequent Recovery by Alan Baldridge
  • “Whales for Kids” Program: Part of Our Chapter’s Past – And Future? by Jo Guerrero
  • Gray Whales and Humpbacks: The Dependable Whales by Esta Lee Albright
  • The ACSMB Grants and Common Dolphin by Libby Osnes-Erie
  • ACSMB Research Grant Awards 1983-2000 by Alan Baldridge
  • Volunteers Don’t Work for Nothing by Milos Radakovich
  • Marine Mammals Found in the Monterey Bay Area by Alan Baldridge
  • ACS Monterey Bay Chapter Board of Directors